The Fortunate Orchard

Our 78 acre orchard is located in the canyon country of Western Colorado near Grand Junction. Warm sunny days, cool nights, and nutrient-rich river bottom soils make for ideal organic fruit growing conditions.
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Pick a Fruit!
We grow Perfection, Goldrich, and Goldstrike varieties and they are available from mid June through mid July.
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Organic Peaches: Our Colorado peaches are sweet and juicy! We grow nine varieties and harvest from mid July to late August.
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Organic Pears: Mouth watering Barlett and D'Anjou pears are available during the month of September!
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Organic Apples: Our scrumptious Gala apples are available in mid August!
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Bing and Ranier sweet cherries are carefully hand picked at the perfect time for the best cherry flavor.
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